Loyalty Registration

Upsurge Employee Productivity

The BambaRewards for Business (BB) solution strategically uses incentive metrics on a per organization basis to optimally reward employees. This results in higher employee productivity. We achieve the above by working to ensure that BambaRewards is armed with the latest incentive metrics on a per industry basis. Our team is driven to arm managers with these metrics that track and incentivize their employees. Furthermore, these metrics enable us to provide advanced reporting, thus making performance monitoring simple for our customers.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

The BambaRewards for Business (BB) framework creates happier employees. Employers have the option to reward employees for their hard work and personal or team achievements. We understand every organization is different and we provide tailored solutions based on customer feedback to create the highest possible employee/employer user experience.

Increase Revenues

With the BambaRewards for Business (BB) solution, businesses can offer a diverse range of rewards from sales quota based incentives to efficiency-based incentives. By encouraging employees to bring in more revenue or work more efficiently to decrease expenses, the overall company margins are shown to increase.

Commitment to Quality

BambaRewards for Business (BB) recognizes that a commitment to superior product quality is essential to our success and our customer's success. We employ a strict testing process that identifies and rectifies product issues and imperfections.

Quick to Deploy

The BambaRewards for Business (BB) solution is simple to launch and will not disrupt existing operations. Our cloud-based solution requires no upfront hardware to implement. It's accessible anywhere an internet connection or text messaging service is available.